Ys Jagan controversial comments on Pawan Kalyan Personal life:

Ys Jagan Mohan Reddy made some serious comments on Janasena Party Chief Pawan Kalyan. In a press meet he said that Pawan Kalyan will change wives like changing cars.

Ys Jagan held a press meet to explain about Bandh that took place on 24th July in Andhra Pradesh. One of the journalist quoted Pawan Kalyan words that he spoke in Vijayawada saying he would have fought bravely if he had as many ministers as Ys Jagan.

Replying to reportes question Ys Jagan said that Pawan Kalyan was in alliance with Tdp and Bjp for four years and betrayed Andhra Pradesh people. He even said that it is unnecessary even to consider Pawan Kalyan as a politician and it is a waste of time to speak about him.

He took a satirical did at Pawan kalyan saying that a person who changes wives like changing cars is unfit to give lectures about honesty.

Ys Jagan in the past made comments like Pawan Kalyan ki cinema Takkuva Interval ekuuva. Pawan Kalyan did not respond to that particular statement. now we have to wait and see how Pawan kalyan responds on this Personal statements.