World Of Dance is typically a centralized platform where the best of the world music and dance competitions are showcased. The excellent performances are judged ideologically based on five crucial elements as Performance, Technique, Choreography, Creativity and presentation with 20 points each. 
The World of Dance Season 3 has achieved Indian Fans attention as Mumbai based Hip-Hop Team “THE KINGS” has entered the competition. It is not only about the entrance but also they have showcased the India’s mixed culture with the Hip-Hop to the western audience. 
The Judges were awestruck with their performance every time. Their performance on top made the other teams nervous few times during the show. The show is judged by three judges who can score about 100 points each for the performance. Then the average of three scores is taken and provided as the final score. 
The final performance of the Kings was so wonderful with their story narrative style and the rage mode agenda. Their furious looks and the slow mo tricks made their performance outstanding from the other contestants. While the team Unity LA stood in second place with an average score of 95.7, The Kings clean sweep the show with a record 100 average score from all the judges. Now that’s how you win a competition. Not only the judges, even the crowd went crazy for their performance and agreed with the judges on their scores..