Venkatesh Maha C/o Kancharapalem director wiki,movies,biography

C/o Kancharapalem is a 2018 Telugu film directed by Maha Venkatesh. Rana Daggubati is presenting the film, the movie gained huge pre-release buzz and all set to release on september 7th. This article provides details about Venkatesh Maha C/o Kancharapalem director wiki,movies,biography.

Venkatesh Maha directed C/o Kancharapalem movie. Venkatesh Maha initially wanted to became an actor. He used to work in a private company in the free time gave auditions to many Telugu movies.

He played a small role in Aakashame Haddhu movie directed by Ravi Kiran Meripo starring Navdeep and Rajeev Saluri in the lead roles.

He later joined Maa Tv and worked for many telivision programs like Rangam and Rangam 2.

Venkatesh Maha was a movie buff since his childhood. He lost his father while studying 6th standard.

He stayed in Kancharapalem in his friends house. His friend’s father treated him as his own family member. After his death Venkatesh moved to Hyderabad and started his movie trails

Venkatesh used to discuss his story ideas with budding writers and directors. In 2016 he visited Kancharapalem and observed people there. Inspired by some true characters he wrote the script.

He selected around 80 people from Kancharapalem to act in the movie. He conducted a 40 day workshop to train the people in acting. He shot the movie for around 60 days in Kancharapalem and in Bheemli

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