Unknown facts about Satya movie-Rgv, JD Chakravarthy

Satya is a 1998 gangster film directed by RamGopal Varma. It stars Jd Chakravarthy, Urmila and Manoj Bajpai in lead roles. This is one of the trendsetting film and paved path for realistic movies in Bollywood. This articles informs you some of the Unknown facts about Satya movie.

Unknown facts about Satya movie

Unknown facts about Satya movie:

1. Hollywood released a book about 100 best movies in the world. From India only three movies were listed in that book. Satya is one of those three other two include Mother India and Sholay.

2. Steven Speilberg one of the best director of Hollywood watched Satya for 2 times

3. Danny Boyle Oscar winning director of Slumdog Millionaire movie in a interview said that Satya is his inspiration to direct Slumdog. He even stated that Satya movie helped him finding some of the raw locations for Slumdog. He watched Satya around 40+ times

4. Satya ranked 34th in best films of the world

JD Chakravarthy who played the title role of Satya revealed this Unknown facts about Satya movie in his recent interview with comedian Ali named Alitho Saradaga

Interview Link: Watch from 37:30

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Satya released in 1998 intially opened with empty theatres but the word of mouth is so strong that it picked up well from its 2nd week. During those times Bollywood is famous for its Rom-com Satya shook whole Bollywood makers and created a trend in realistic movies.