Top 10 Tollywood Posters of the Decade:

Here’s the list of the best and awesome tollywood posters released in the last 10 Years. This article is made only based on the posters and the excitement they created about the movies.
On that note, let’s start with our classic movie.

Jalsa Poster

2008 – Jalsa
A powerful comedy entertainer with a crucial message indulged in it. The movie has started creating its impression right from the poster level. This still was mostly found on the CD covers and the Audio Cassettes. While the music was a tremendous success, the poster was available to see everywhere.



2009 – Billa
A stylish crime thriller where the protagonist Darling Parbhas was shown like never before. The movies like Magadheera and Arya-2 also released the same year.
However, the fundamental reason to choose Billa was because of the Facebook profile pictures of these posters set by many people due to the Prabhas’s manly stills and classy suits. Not only fans but also many people who were new to the Facebook and didn’t have any picture to upload used Billa posters as their profile picture.


3_2010_Maryada Ramanna

2010 – Maryada Ramanna
Maryada Ramanna was the most awaited movie of the year 2010 as it was Rajamouli’s very next project after Magadheera. Though the cycle he rode wasn’t noticed much while the poster released but it (raviteja) also portrayed a crucial role in the success of this cinema. The golden brown grunge texture was clearly used in the poster to set the feel of the movie in the viewers mind.


2011 – Panjaa
Pawan Kalyan strikes it again with a rough look and James Bond type suit style which was way different from his earlier looks. The look was peculiarly apt for his characterization in the film. He looks do vigorous and skilled that there was no special introduction was need in the film about his behavior in the story. I would definitely want to see Pawan Kalyan in that look again if possible.

5_2012_Gabbar Singh

2012 – Gabbar Singh
Well, we tried not giving Pawan Kalyan too many credits as Jalsa and Panjaa are already included. But then, how can we miss the cut out which was available at almost all the theaters in Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Yes… Gabbar Singh it is. It came like a Tsunami and this poster was a storm before it. The poster shows chill and ruthless cop walking towards us and the title says Gabbar Singh. This was enough for the viewers and gets attracted towards it.


2013 – Mirchi
Prabhas and Formals, already sounds like a deadly combination. The dialogue “Ila aitey aa ammai ki enti… Ye ammai ki annaya avavu” feels right when you see the posters of Mirchi. While the candid formal looks attracted the ladies, the rough pancha (dhoti) style with blood on it grabbed male attention. Young Rebel Star, never compromises with his costumes and surprisingly he suits in all of them.


2014 – Racegurram
The grunge and oily posters created by Anil & Bhanu were the best way to start the movie promotion of this movie. Allu Arjun had to really apply grease on his face to get that grungy look. The photo shoot was specially done for this movie to keep them attractive and exciting as much as possible. While there are too many elements in the poster the shine was only applied on the elements which were only needed to be highlighted. Anil & Bhanu were initially the poster designers for the similar style posters like Swami Ra…Ra, Karthikeya, Premam, etc.



2015 – Bahubali – The Beginning
Rajamouli has always been conscious about the movie promotion. Hence, he used a strategy to release the India’s biggest Movie’s poster. Initially, the posters with distinctive characters of the movie were released which created excitement in the audience. Subsequently the final poster starring Prabhas in his action form was released which added a double dose of hype for the movie.



2016 – Kshanam
It’s complex for small films to get the viewers attracted towards them. It was same for this movie as well, until the poster of a missing child was released. The poster was well thought as it revels the core point of a story. To make it more interesting, director also added the girl name Riya on the poster which can be found after intensive research. This created interest towards the movie which also got the film success later due to its gripping screenplay.


2017 – Bahubali – The Conclusion
As the Bahubali – The Beginning was already a huge hit. Its fever was already spread across the world. So it was crucial for the film makers to come up with some really interesting which could be released internationally. Then came this poster with a royal still of Prabhas on an elephant which also reached the viewers expectations worldwide.




2018 – Bhagamati, Mahanati
We are done with two quarters this year and already have many blockbuster movies. However, our female leads have gained the advantage of getting their posters right this year.
Bhagamati – The poster of Anushka with hand nailed to the wall by herself was a different thought to grasp the audience.
Mahanati – While half of its credit goes to Keerthi Suresh the other half goes to the make-up artists who were skilled enough to recreate the look of Savithri garu and make it look so promising.

This was the list of the Top 10 Tollywood Posters of the Decade we came across. Please do let us know if we have missed any movie in the comment section.