Last week, the admins at Unofficial: Hyderabad High Court have kicked off a trend which gained traction very quickly i.e., Memes on Starter Packs. It was about Tollywood heroes last time which we’ve already covered in an article linked here.

However, this time around they choose popular telugu meme pages to show off their quick wits. You can also find these memes on facebook by searching with the #HighCourtStarterPacks hashtag.

If you are a fan of of these pages and would like to see their style of work broken down into mere sentences, then you are in luck as we have listed all of them below:

Thyview : They call him the Relani Movayya of FB


Fukkard : Colorings & Quality meedha focus ekkuva


CAPDT : Mari pedhannayya ney eskunnaru


C/o Controversy : More Buzzz than Eega

Comedy Tonic – Telugu : Photoshop Raja of Telugu FB

ChaiBisket : Their team took it in stride and laughed at this meme. Kudos to them!


Funmate : Howz this Fun mate ?

Aithey Enti : Premiere Pro has crashed and stopped working

Update : It looks like our Court Judges have started to post Starter Packs on Tollywood Directors. We’ll keep you posted on that as well.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article… Make sure to checkout the facebook page of Unofficial: Hyderabad High Court for more meme stuff and as always, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen here, please share this post.