SHIVA : The Trendsetter – Story behind posters of Shiva

In 1989 a poster grabbed a lot of attention, surprisingly there are no lead actors in the poster.the poster is that of a man’s hand holding a cycle chain.

Interesting thing is that the hand u see in the poster is not Nagarjuna’s, its the hand of Rasool Ellore the steady cam operator for Shiva who went on to make movie’s like Okariki Okaru and Bhageeratha.

Rasool Ellore

The man behind this attention -grabbing poster is TEJA, who went on to direct super hits like CHITRAM, NUVVU NENU and JAYAM.


Till the time of shiva  usually movie title are designed in yellow colour,so that audience can see the poster from quite a long distance.but teja made alot of research on it and designed the movie title in red colour.

He once shared his experience”i sent posters with title designing in red colour,the next morning posters were sent day again i did the same and result is the same.then the distributors enquired about it and received order to use the posters,thats how shiva first poster came into audience”

The shoot for designing the first poster took place in a studio named THE FOUNTAINHEAD which is owned by Gunnam Gangaraju who went on to make movies like little soldiers, Aiethe, Anukokunda Okaroju and also a famous Telugu serial AMRUTHAM.

Gunnam Gangaraju

when Teja first designed posters and he went to Ramgopal Varma to show the designs, Nagarjuna was also there holding his little son NagaChaitanya.

teja shared this conversation

Teja:I made few designs and I can promise u that if these designs work then the movie will grab peoples attention if not it fails miserably.

rgv:don’t over exaggerate,just show me the designs

after showing the designs

rgv:superb,immediately send them for printing.

nagarjuna to his son:this black man standing here is your father”

That’s the story behind the first poster of Shiva.

Srujan Malladi

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