Rangasthalam Review – WITHOUT Spoilers

Firstly we accept the fact that ShotOkay is very late to the party.

All of you might’ve already heard/read/seen – opinions/reviews/ or watched the movie itself.

And Rangasthalam has gathered the much needed positive outlook in a time where at least average movies have become hard to come by.

Even though we are late to the party, we bought our own homemade chicken fry to share with the party crowd hoping that you will like it.

So, please give us an opportunity to explain why the movie is being unanimously praised, through what we think might be the plausible explanations without leaking out any spoilers.

This article may help you if you are looking for a genuine opinion to help you decide if Rangasthalam is actually worth your precious time and/or money.

Let’s start off with the basics :

Casting :

RGV once said, casting is the backbone of the movie. Okay, he didn’t say that. But his filmography conveys the same.

The point is casting is very important because they are the first point of impact which helps the audience to initially form an opinion and then connect emotionally with the character.

There are many big wigs in this movie along with a lot of new talent who have been aptly cast. The movie which is set in the 80’s also has a run time of the actual 80’s movies. With the waning attention spans of our whatsapp stories crowd, it’s a difficult task which has been perfectly executed to keep the audience engaged with Sukmar’s mark screenplay.










Casting Aadhi as Chitti Babu’s brother, Naresh as their father or Anasuya as Rangamattha or Shaking Seshu as a farmer… You will be interested to listen to their dialogs, to know their story, because they suit their characters so well which helped the actors to bring out a gripping performance which in turn holds our attention for so long.

So, if your looking for premiere quality performances then look no further, there are a lot of top-notch performances from many characters throughout the movie.

Please watchout for these notable performances from Jagapathi Babu, Mahesh Achanta, Aadhi Pinisetty, Samantha, Anasuya, Shaking Seshu and ofcourse, obviously, showstopper RAM CHARAN.

If that doesn’t help you decide we’ve got few more reasons for you to finally fire up the bookmyshow app.

Story – Screenplay : Right from day one everyone was very curious to find out how Sukumar will handle a period drama, because generally he’s been touted as the intellectual director who has mastered the art of screenplay through maknig the best use of contemporary technicalities.

But given the vintage backdrop there was no scope to use technology as a side kick to the protagonist. Heck! Even one of the biggest pieces of technology used in this movie were those big bulky transistor radios, which if not used properly can have no effect on the story. And still, Sukumar found a way to effectively incorporate a radio as an element in the film which ended up becoming a crucial plot point in the movie.

So, if you’re looking for SUKUMARK range scenes then you’re in for a treat. Similarly, a lot can be said about the screenplay but going there would become stepping into the spoiler zone, which for now, I would want to avoid.

Moving on… Songs, Song Placements & Fights.

Most good songs have a short life becuase they are badly placed or they don’t have any impact over the impact. Sukumar took great care to ensure that doesn’t happen this time around. Right from hiding one crucial song until release to even going to lengths such as to break the song by inserting few scenes in between them.

All of this just to make sure his songs also play a role in the narrative and he did a commendable job. To know how this plays out you’ll definitely have to watch the movie.

Coming to the fights in this movie, there are a lot but none of them are too flashy or highly choreographed, they seem natural and go well with the whole 80’s vibe. One such fight in the second half of the movie has sukku signature written all over it. Since this is spoiler free review, I’m restraining myself a lot to not spoil such special moments for you.

So please go ahead and watch the movie and make sure to come back to our page immediately after, where we shall discuss in-detail on how Sukumar’s attention to detail entertained us in a spoiler filled extravaganza.

Stay tuned for the SPOILER FILLED analysis of Rangasthalam.

Srujan Malladi

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