Patrick Graham Ghoul series director wiki,movies,biography,photos:

Ghoul is a 2018 Netflix mini series starring Radhika Apte and Manav Kaul in the lead roles. Patrick Graham is directing the series while Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane are producing the film. This article provides details about Patrick Graham Ghoul series director wiki,movies,biography,photos.


Patrick Graham is a British writer/Director working in Hindi film and Telivision industry. Patrick previously directed many short films. Ghoul is his first major project in writing and directing.

Patrick Graham is the only director of western origins who is working in Hindi film industry


1. Attack of the leches:

Patrick Graham directed Attack of the leches short film starring Jason Croot, David Sayers, Carina Wan. Attack of the leches is a comedy short film.

2. What’s He Building In There:

Patrick Graham directed What’s he building in there short film starring Susanna Hislop, Alastair Sims, Ellis Winn. What’s He Building in there is a horror short film.

3.Slaughter House:

Patrick Graham directed Slaughter House short film starring Adrian Bouchet, Charlie Neale, Segilola Ogidan. Slaughter House is a horror short film. Matt Graham wrote screenplay for the short film.

4. Hood:

Patrick Graham directed Hood Short film starring Ian Freemen, Micheal Graves, KiKi Kendrick. Hood is a drama short film. Micheal Graves worked as writer for the film.

Patrick Graham worked as a editor for Hood and Slaughter House short films.

Patrick Graham worked as a cinematographer for After Thought short film

He produced his Slaughter House short film.

He acted in Hassi Tho Phassi movie.