“Starter Packs” is the meme trend that is taking the Internet community by storm is particularly popular among troll savvy page admins who have a penchant eye for observation. This meme genre is particularly popular because the possibilities of this trend is virtually limitless if you have a keen sense of detail. We are already posting a lot of articles about the various bigg boss 2 memes which you can find at this link.

However today, we are focusing on a very particular set of “Starter Packs” posted from the ever so hilarious facebook page – Unofficial: Hyderabad High Court

You can find them on facebook by searching with the #HighCourtStarterPacks hashtag . However, for your meme pleasure we’ve collated and listed them below. Do share this post with your friends / family if you’ve found them funny.

1. This one is for all the DHFMs out there :

2. Make sure to tag your PSPK devotees for this one :

3. NTR fans might wanna use Google’s translator for the Japanese text :

4. Wassup Wassup my rowdies :

5. This meme speaks for itself – All hail Bellam Anna :

6. You can also watch this meme on Naa Nee TV :

7. Akkineni Akhil Cults unite :

8. Waiting for Saaho updates is an unspoken part of this meme :

9. You might’ve probably been waiting for Bunny Fans starter pack :

10. They have one for Ram Charan as well :

Hope you enjoyed this lis… Oops wait, they’ve got Bonus Starter packs as well… Go on! Feast yourself!

Bonus 1 – For the keyboard & social media “Special Status” fighters and activists :

Bonus 2 – If you thought Mohan Babu unkul would not appear on this list, my friend, you’re wrong.

Bonus 3 – The admin has also added a comment about the missing heroes from this pack :

Have you ever felt like your likes & reactions on fb posts don’t make any real world impact ? Well, that’s about to change. Our beloved Yuvaraanars at the Unofficial High Court Page have come up with a very unique way to donate funds to Kerala’s flood relief program. All the likes, hahas, hearts or even Angry reactions which you give to the memes above will be counted and the sum of all those reactions will be converted into rupees and will be donated. So what are you waiting for ? Fire up facebook page – Unofficial: Hyderabad High Court‘s facebook page and drop off your reaction to them memes.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this article… Make sure to checkout the facebook page of Unofficial: Hyderabad High Court for more meme stuff and as always, if you’ve liked what you’ve seen here, please share this post.