Indhu in real life of Rx 100 movie-Ajay Bhupathi,Karthikeya

Indhu in real life of Rx 100 movie:

Rx 100 movie which became a huge success at the box office was based on a real life story that took place in Aathreyapuram village of East Godavari district. Director Ajay Bhupathi is from Aathreyapuram village. In a recent interview when asked about the real life characters of Rx 100 Ajay Bhupathi didn’t reveal anything about Indhu. He clearly stated that she is married to someone else and didn’t want to spoil their life.

Payal Rajput played the role of Indhu in the movie.

To make the story look more realistic Ajay Bhupathi shot majority of the film in Aathreyapuram where Indhu and Shiva love story took place in real life.

He said that Shiva is very caring friend and his loss effected him alot. Shiva died in 2014.

Ajay Bhupathi shared an interesting detail about the title of the film. Firstly he wanted to name the movie as Yamaha Rx 100. But censor officials clearly said that they will register the title only after getting an approval from Yamaha company. So Ajay consulted Yamaha officials and explained the significance of the title for his story. Yamaha officials appreciated his efforts and gave the title but they kept a condition that the word Yamaha should be removed. That’s how Rx 100 title got finalised.

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