Big Boss 2 started on 10th June with 16 contestants. Nani hosted the show fantastically. Telugu pages trolled each contestant for their behaviour in the house. Here are some Best trolls on big boss 2 telugu Day 61.

As Day 61 is Saturday Nani hosted the show and discussed with  contestants about their day to day activity in tasks.

Best trolls on Big boss 2 Telugu Day 61:

1.Deepthi Sunaina faced maximum trolls on Day 61. Pooja Ramachandran when asked who is her favourite contestant she replied Deepthi Sunaina and even explained why. Nani made a funny comment saying that even Deepthi won’t believe pooja’s statement. Here are some best trolls on Deepthi Sunaina

2. Nani received positive posts for the way he handled Tanish. Here are some posts on Nani

3.Kaushal received few trolls for his expressions during exercise task. Kaushal Army launched a app for kaushal. Here are some posts on Kaushal.

4. some other trolls on Day 61

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These are some of the Best trolls on big boss 2 telugu contestants Day 61. Day 62 promo has been released. Let’s wait for Day 62 for some more hilarious stuff from Telugu Pages.