Big Boss 2 started on 10th June with 16 contestants. Nani hosted the show fantastically. Telugu pages trolled each contestant for their behavior in the house. Here are some Best trolls on big boss 2 telugu contestant Day 49.

As Day 49 is Sunday Nani hosted the show and announced that their will be no elimination this week.

Last week big boss gave an opprtunity to bring back eliminated contestants. Nutan naidu and Syamala were back by getting highest number of votes.

Best trolls on big boss 2 telugu contestant Day 49:

1.Nutan Naidu received positive posts on his entry. His dressing style is trolled. Here are some posts on Nutan Naidu

2.Tanish faced trolls for his relation with Deepthi Sunaina and Nandini. A pic comparing Tanish with Intlo Illalu Vantintlo Priyuralu movie became viral in Social Media. Here are some trolls on Tanish

3. No one expected Syamala will return back to Big Boss. Syamala received positive posts on her re-entry

4.Tv9 Deepthi faced trolls as she is elaborating every issue. Nani compared her to a student who writes 16 marks answer for 2 marks question. Here are some trolls on Tv9 Deepthi.

These are some of the Best trolls on big boss 2 telugu contestants Day 49. Day 49 promo has been released. Let’s wait for Day 49for some more hilarious stuff from Telugu Page.

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