A Twitter Account Predicted Hyderabad Encounter 4 days before

Few days ago a Veterinary doctor from Hyderabad was brutally raped and burnt. Four accused named Anwar Pasha, Chennakeshavulu, Jollu Naveen, Shiva were arrested on the after the crime. There were huge protests and rallies to punish the criminals in the public.

A twitter account named as Kona fan club suggested how the accused can be punished in a tweet to KTR. He quoted ” Sir if u want u can punish them. Take them for a crime scene reconstruction to the same spot where Dr. Priyanka was burnt and I’m sure they will try to escape and I’m more sure that our police will have no option but to shoot them..please think once”

On 6th of December police encountered the rapists and the tweet above went viral on twitter. Few Hours later the twitter account got suspended.